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                  See the Invisible in your Data
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Apply the power of human perception to high dimensional-data.

VisuMap Technologies specializes in software and services to help people explore and understand data that resists interpretation.

Our tools can visualize any number of records consisting of thousands of columns (variables) of numerical or textual data.

VisuMap provides a window into the patterns, relationships and correlations hidden in your data  and enables you to interact with them in real time.

VisuMap Software

VisuMap is a visualization-oriented solution to the problem of exploratory analysis. Embodying several cutting-edge mathematical and programming technologies, VisuMap offers:
  • a collection of mapping and dimensionality reduction algorithms, such as RPM (Relational Perspective Map), PCA(Principal Component Analysis), MDS (Multidimensional Scaling);
  • advanced clustering algorithms for high dimensional data like self-organizing map, affinity propagation, k-mean clustering;
  • dynamically linked data views; and
  • scripting and library interfaces for advanced applications.
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Visualizing high dimensional table

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